No photo page on our website showing nothing but big fish pics. No sales pitch on why we're the best choice and NO social media. It's a crazy thought, but after being born and raised "under the Big Sky" and almost 20 years of guiding anglers and friends across the Treasure State, MLBO is getting back to the reason it was founded; the desire to share our love and passion for fishing and the “Last Best Place”. 

I founded Montana's Last Best Outfitters to share with others the amazing rivers, lakes, streams, mountains and yes, fish, that have kept my family here for generations. After years of guiding for larger fly-shops and outfitters, I realized that clients deserved more. From backcountry walk/wade trips throughout the state, to drift trips down some of the country’s most famous trout rivers, there is more to a day on the water than the fish we catch and you shouldn't spend your day focused only on that "trophy" fish or how much all the flies are going to cost at days end.

Simply put, we're focused on your trip. Not the next. Not the last. YOUR TRIP. We don’t see the need to post pictures of every fish we catch or see how many “likes” we can get. We’re to busy putting our clients (and ourselves) on that next hook-up. It’s time an outfitting company stops worrying about the next possible booking and focuses more on those who are already here with us.  

If you're ready to enjoy a real day on the water and don't feel the need to see us post your picture mid-day of the catch you've been dreaming of, then shoot us  an email and book your trip today. Don't worry, we'll be sure to get you all the photos to share yourself, we'd just rather get back on the oars than the phone. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Collin W. Brown

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